Lauer, Lauer

First Draft’s Athenae excerpts a Chicago Sun-Times article by Doug Elfman, who interviewed Today host Matt Lauer on the road after he sat down with Idaho Senator Larry Craig and his wife.

In between “Today” segments, I half-joked, “Did you ask him why he’s a big liar?”

“That’s not my job,” Lauer said. “My job is to ask middle-of-the-road questions and let the audience judge for themselves.”

What happened to this Matt Lauer?

Matt Lauer: “The White House communications director said of your film [Fahrenheit 9/11], it is so outrageously false it’s not even worth commenting. The 41st President of the United States, the president’s father, called you, I think you probably heard this, a slime ball.”

Michael Moore: “Have they seen it? Have they seen the film? No. Of course they haven’t. I will tell you they haven’t seen it. These are un-credible reviews from people who haven’t even seen the movie.”