I’m An Inane Purity Troll

The conversation over Democratic superdelegates goes on at Blue Oregon, and one of the crazies — who’s apparently a part of the local party apparatus — is doing his usual tin-pot dictator rant about how “everything iz good for the partei.” He says everyone who disagrees with him must think parliamentary democracies are not really democracies, and when I point out that the superdelegates — the ones who can make their own decision at the convention — are 60% male, meaning that unpledged men have a 20% advantage over unpledged women at the convention, he throws another fit.

Posted by: Steve Maurer | Feb 11, 2008 4:36:52 PM

OK, so in addition to believing most of Western Europe and Japan to be non-democratic, darrelplant is now saying he hates Peter DeFazio and Earl Blumenauer for being white.

Because they must be all secretly members of the KKK or something; they’ve got this white dude mojo going on.

So obviously they’re going to vote for the white dude in this year’s nomination process.

This earlier comment was pretty funny, too.