French-Bashing Is the New Black

As an American proud of my French heritage, and someone who’s been more than fed up with six years of French-bashing from the right, the center, and people who called themselves liberals, it’s simply disgusting to see the same kind of tactic used by progressives at the Campaign for America’s Future in an ad taking John McCain to task for his part in Airbus winning a Defense Department contract for tanker aircraft. It’s in the voice of “the French people,” thanking McCain for all the jobs and laughing at the misfortune of American workers.

“And thousands fewer [jobs] for Americans, ha, ha, ha!”

The whole thrust of the “Kerry looks French” campaign of 2004 was that he wasn’t sufficiently American and that being French he was even anti-American. As much as I might dislike John McCain, portraying the French as anti-American (laughing at the loss of American jobs) in an effort to score political points is truly pathetic.