It was ten years ago today that Douglas Adams died. Adams was just a couple of months past his 49th birthday, and I’m coming close to the half-year mark, so I guess I’ve outlived him, but then there’s the whole quality v. quantity debate.

I was working in a sci-fi bookstore when pirate cassettes of the original BBC Radio version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy hit American shores. Dupes were eagerly passed around among nerds and geeks; I’ve probably got mine in a box somewhere still. I remember being astounded that there was still radio work being done, it certainly wasn’t something you found on US stations.

I didn’t follow Adams’s career through it’s entire arc—I got off the sci-fi-mode, then out of books—but I remained aware of his impressive body of work, and the love of the fans.

So long and thanks for all the entertainment.