I’d hoped to have these up last night, and in a less crummy version than a generic Dreamweaver photo album, but here are a few images from my brief foray down to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week.

I only signed up for the Expo, so I’ll leave comments on the sessions to Gary and others who actually spend most of their time on game projects. About 15-20 folks showed up for Wednesday night’s Director game developer soiree Wednesday night, including a couple of folks I was introduced to but didn;t get into my notes (i.e. remember the names of after a couple of drinks). Regrettably, I didn’t get pictures of everyone, specifically Otto and his pal from Sulake (producers of Habbo Hotel).

As I was taking a last lap around the show floor, I ran into an actual game industry legend. Steve Jackson, the Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games, purveyors of GURPS, Illuminati, and a little zip-loc baggie game called OGRE once upon a time. Also, Car Wars, the official journal of which (Autoduel Quarterly) published a note from yours truly as the first letter in its first issue twenty-odd years ago.