Somehow I ended up on the Oregon GOP mailing list (a few years back the national party was trying to get me to buy signed prints of George W. Bush) and I usually flip through them to see what’s going on over there. They’ve had a hard time of it lately, and they just seem not to learn.

For instance, At next weekend’s Dorchester conference in Seaside, they’ve got Bill Kristol as the keynote speaker. It’s not like I’m in the habit of giving Republicans advice, but stop listening to Bill Kristol! Geez.

Anyway, I use Eudora for my mail client, and it gives you a warning if links in an email are suspicious. It picked up on the fact that text in the the Dorchester site link (type it for yourself) didn’t match the actual link data, which is routed through the national GOP site.

I just thought the Warning text in the dialog was eerily appropriate.

Warning: The URL you are about to visit may be deceptive.

“Moody economy?” I thought everything was going great!