Moving kind of slow

No I never had much balance,

Why does everyone I know

Keep making lots of dough?

I guess I’ll find out soon

When I get to that

Crystal palace in the sky.

I’ve heard stories second-hand

About its grand interior

Its gold and silver strands

Cathedral ceilings way up high.

All the furnishing’s unique

When you get to your

Crystal palace in the sky.

Well I’ve worked as a part-time circus boy,

Collected cans down Saticoy,

And patiently put forth my master plan.

I’ve imagined futures and full plates,

And slept with every subliminal tape,

But now I’m so angry at someone.

My contract is in breach.

Why must my crystal palace

Always be on hold this week?

I feel lucky, I suppose,

At least we’re all still breathing.

Stuck here in escrow

Just a-waiting out our loan.

But no big-arm patrol will stop me

When I get to my crystal palace

Bye and bye

And it’ll be my way

Or the highway

Getting to my crystal palace

In the sky.

Stan Ridgway. “Crystal Palace,” Black Diamond