Bézier Curve Reference

So I’m idly flipping through a print issue of MX Developer’s Journal (that I’m not sure why they’re still sending to me), reading through Ron Rockwell‘s article “Are Your Brain Cells Colliding?”, about how Flash and Freehand treat Bézier curves in different ways. There’s a sidebar on the difference between quadratic (Flash’s one control point/segment) Béziers and cubic (Freehand’s two control point/segment) Béziers, and in the second paragraph I see the words “…you can read all about Bézier curves at www.moshplant.com/direct-or/bezier/“. That stuff’s been up now for so long (since 1996) that it’s the top item on a Google search for “Bezier curve”. Gotta update that set of pages one of these days.