Always With the Questions

National Public Radio’s got a debate coming up on 4 December, you can submit your questions.

Senator Edwards, in a New Yorker interview early this year, you were quoted as saying that you had made your decision to approve the use of military force in Iraq not solely on the evidence presented to you by the administration, but that you had seen confirming evidence in the Senate Intelligence Committee, and that you had “meetings with former Clinton Administration people.”

These questions are for you and Senators Biden, Dodd, and Clinton.

Given that it was clearly wrong, what evidence did you see that convinced you an invasion of Iraq might be necessary? Who provided that evidence? Why did it convince you to authorize the Bush administration to use force when a majority of the Democratic members of the Intelligence committee voted against it? Who were the Clinton administration people who encouraged you to vote against the majority of Democrats in Congress on the use of military force? Are those people still advising you or any of the other candidates despite being so spectacularly wrong on Iraq? Will they continue to advise you on foreign policy and national security if you are elected?