A War We Should Have Won

In an open letter from October 2007 now featured on the home page of the Democratic Leadership Council, Chairman Harold Ford of the DLC and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius of the Democratic Governors Association define the issues they believe the Democratic presidential candidates need to address and how they should deal with them.

In the introduction of the letter, Sibelius and Ford lay out the challenges facing the next administration, including this one:

We are engaged in what has become a civil war in Iraq — a war we either should have won, or never have fought.

If you want proof of intellectual bankruptcy at the DLC and the Democratic party leadership, there it is. Just over three months ago — even after learning all we have about the lies that led the US into war, the hundreds of thousands of dead, and the millions of refugees, the destruction of Fallujah and much of the rest of the country — the bright lights at the DLC still think the war could have been “won.”

Not that there was any justification for going to war in Iraq in the first place, of course.