A Timely ‘Separated At Birth?’

Separated At Birth?: Alberto Gonzalez and Toht, from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Adapted from a version of the screenplay:

Toht, looking in the fire, sneers and shakes his head.

TOHT: Americans!  You’re all alike,  Fraulein Ravenwood.  I’ll show you what I’m used to.

Toht turns from the fireplace.  In his hand is the poker, its end glowing orange.  He advances on Marion.  Marion stops yelling, her eyes widen in terror.

MARION: Wait!  I can be reasonable–

TOHT: That time is passed.

The glowing poker point moves inexorably across the room toward Marion’s face.

MARION: You don’t need that.  I’ll tell you everything!

TOHT: Yes, I know you will.