The Groundhog Cometh

As anyone in Oregon who’s ever given their email address to the Democratic Party of Multnomah County knows, they’re having their Dick Celsi Awards Dinner this Saturday. But did you know that there’s a prominent national Democrat who’s going to be in town that day who’s not mentioned on the program?

It’s odd, because DLC chairman Harold Ford, Jr. could probably make dinner at 5:30. He’s speaking at Reed College at 2pm to kick off their Black History Month events (as I mentioned earlier this month).

It seems unlikely that Mr. Ford would fly all the way out here for a speech at a small — though admittedly prestigious — college and not take care of some other sort of political business, particularly when the state’s got an election on this year for a potentially vulnerable Senate seat (not that he was particularly good at winning Senate seats).

Do you suppose he might be meeting up with some local politicians and candidates? Either at the dinner or behind the scenes? Will he meet up with the Senate candidates? Just one or the other?