Where There’s Gunsmoke There’s Fire

There was an article in the paper on Thanksgiving Day about upcoming DVD releases that got people around the table reminiscing about old TV shows. Barbara said that she, for one, could live for the rest of her life without ever seeing “Hopalong Cassidy” again (I never have). “Stuff that you could watch with your kids and not have to worry about,” as one of my relatives put it.

Then again, there sure were a lot of Westerns back in the day. And they didn’t call it the “Wild” West for nothing. I don’t know how many war-painted “redskins” died in the average week. I know that I saw my share of dusty Main Street duels in my early years. And, as Barbara asked, what exactly did Miss Kitty do for a living?

James Arness and Amanda Blake from Gunsmoke, 1956. MPTV.net