Little Men

I spent the weekend in Bend at my brother’s wedding (congratulations Jon and Kara!), so I didn’t get right on this week’s New Yorker caption contest. Since I’m on the West Coast, unless I check it online, I usually only have a day between the time my copy arrives in the mail and the contest deadline on Sunday night. I was busy and forgot to check it last week, then didn’t see it until the deadline had passed last night.

This was the cartoon and winning caption from the 13 June 2005 contest (#8):

“He’s the cutest little thing, and when you get tired of him you just flush him down the toilet.”
(drawing by Victoria Roberts, caption by Jan Richardson)

This is the from the 26 September 2005 issue (contest #20) and my own caption idea which I would have submitted:

“I saw something similar in a New Yorker cartoon caption contest a couple of months ago and I knew I just had to have one.”
(drawing by Mick Stevens)