Gordon Smith, the Other White Senator

Did you know that Sen. Gordon Smith is one of the few names not on the list of co-sponsors of Senate Resolution 39 “Senate Apologizes to Lynching Victims, Families for Failure to Act”?

I just called the Senator’s DC office [(202) 224-3753], and talked to a young lady who seemed to recognize the resolution number and told me that senators sometimes vote for resolutions that they don’t sponsor. I suggested that the list of people who haven’t sponsored the resolution is getting pretty short, and that it looked kind of bad for a state where the KKK was active in government in the 1920s. She told me that she’d pass my concerns on to the senator, but didn’t offer to take my name or address.

And I never have heard back about my letter asking for an apology to Franco-Americans, either.

At the time I write this, Oregon is the only state that isn’t represented by two Republican senators where both senators haven’t signed on as sponsors.