Digitized Decade 7: She Turned Me Into a Newton!

James Newton on the ferry across the Firth of Clyde

A decade ago today we made a very special Director pilgrimage. I’d had the luck to be hired as a contractor to write code for the Behavior Library on versions 7 and 8 of Director. What made it a real honor was that the other contractor for on the project was James Newton, who even then was a font of Lingo wisdom that I could only aspire to.

We had worked on our chunks of code separately (as should be obvious from any comparison of James’s tight programming style to my more haphazard messes) but there was a certain amount of contact through a variety of channels, and when I knew we were headed to Europe in 2001 I contacted him to see if we could get together in person. At the time, just after the release of Director 8.5, he was living in his native Scotland, a fair piece outside of Glasgow in a town called Dunoon.

Barbara and I hopped across the Irish Sea from Dublin to Glasgow, where James picked us up in his van, then drove us to his home via the ferry at Gourock (this picture was taken 29 April 2001) where we had a delightful couple of days visiting with James and his family, eating paté, pizza, and an after-dinner apertif of chocolate and Scotch.

You couldn’t ask for a nicer host. Or guide to the vagaries of Director.

The Digitized Decade is a look back at the first year of my entry into consumer digital photography.