Digitized Decade 3: Flash Forward

February 19-21, 2001 was the occasion for one of the early FlashForward conferences in San Francisco, the fourth such event if my own decade-old article can be believed.

I took a number of photos at the event and published some of them at the time, but in the interests of the Digitized Decade project, here are a few people from the past.

Director People
People who made their big names in Director before Flash was around: independent developer Phillip Kerman, Macromedia stalwart John Dowdell, and Marvyn Hortman who ran an early Director file-sharing site.

Smashing People
Flash is smashing!: Flash’s creator Jon Gay is flanked by Glenn Thomas and Andreas Heim of Smashing Ideas.

Manuel Clement waits for a session to begin before moving on to big, big things.

Sam Wan give a talk back when he was still a college boy. Those monitors look so futuristic!

For those of you using Flash in the mobile dev world, here’s an entertaining snippet from my write-up of the event:

Flash is extending its tentacles into new platforms with the release of a player and development kit for the Pocket PC platform.

The Digitized Decade is a look back at the first year of our entry into consumer digital photography.