I Thought You Were Dead

Ernest Borgnine as 'Cabbie' in a special edition of 'Escape From New York'

Ernest Borgnine, interviewed about his new autobiography:

Q. What is your current hobby?

A. My wife bought me a Smart Car. It’s the passion of my life right now and I’m having a ball with it. I’ve had it up to 85 miles per hour just to see how fast it would go and it wound up pretty good. They’ve got plenty of room inside, but they’re for two people.
I went to Italy to make a picture and I saw this little car and said I just gotta have one. Man, they’re just the loveliest things you’ve ever seen and they run on three and a half cylinders and eight gallons of gasoline and they go! They take off and get you where you want to go very easily and very quickly and as nicely as any big car would do.

What we need is a Borgnine/Redman mashup.