1,000 Miles

No, nothing’s wrong, I just haven’t gotten around to posting anything for a week-and-a-half, which I admit is unusual. Thanks, Judy and Jon, for checking in to make sure everything was OK.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to say anything, just that I’ve spent time commenting elsewhere, and that the topics I have wanted to write about would have just sucked up more time than I felt I could additionally spare. I did go to the zoo and watch the elephants part of one afternoon, I spent a morning canvassing for Steve Novick’s senate campaign (as well as attend his fundraiser in Portland last week), and some other things. Went to see Iron Man.

In smart car related news, we passed the 1,000 mile mark yesterday, driving out to the Hood River orchard of my cousin Jason, to see his sister Carrie, my aunt Juliana and uncle Keith, and Carrie’s new baby. Oh, and my exuberant first cousin, once-removed Gregory, seen here just before we went zooming over the byways around the orchard.