The Poor Will Be With Us Always

Chuck Sheketoff of the Oregon Center for Public Policy posted a piece at Blue Oregon on how the gap between the top wage earners and the bottom wage earners has widened in the US over the past two decades, based on a national study from the Economic Policy Institute and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Now I know why this commenter thinks I’m some sort of radical leftist socialist bent on destroying the Democratic party.

I’ve become more inured to these kinds of statistics over the years. The poor vastly outnumber the rich. They could vote and change this overnight if they wanted to. But by supporting Republicans, they clearly show they don’t. They’re far more concerned with “getting into heaven” by exhibiting hatred for gays, feminists, atheists, Muslims (many who themselves hate gays, feminists, and atheists), Mexicans, and all sorts of other scapegoats of the day.

The American poor have made their own bed. Let them lie in it.

If it’s a Democratic party made up of people who think like that, then I say the sooner the better for the destroying.