Plan B From Science Debate 2008

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The various presidential campaigns have been unresponsive to the invitations by the coalition of groups attempting to lure them into a debate on the place of science in America, despite them apparently being willing to talk ad nauseum about their religious affiliations and views.

Since time’s running out before the Pennsylvania primaries, organizers have floated the possibility that Oregon could be a potential venue.

Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2008 6:52 PM by Alan Boyle

A presidential campaign debate over sci-tech issues in Pennsylvania is looking less and less likely, but the activists behind Science Debate 2008 have a Plan B: If the candidates don’t show up for this month’s date in Philadelphia, organizers say the debate could still take place in early May during Oregon’s vote-by-mail primary.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been noncommittal, while Barack Obama’s campaign took a pass, Otto said.

Meanwhile, on the GOP side, presumptive nominee John McCain’s campaign has not responded to the Science Debate invitation, Otto said.

If the candidates pass up the Pennsylvania opening, Science Debate 2008 will shift its focus to Oregon, Otto said. Portland State University is being lined up as the proposed venue. Otto said the media partners in the effort would be “Nova,” the venerable public-TV science program; and “Now,” a more recent public-affairs series on PBS. A panel of scientists and engineers would be asking the questions, with “Now” host David Brancaccio serving as moderator, Otto said.

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