Fresh Off the Press

OGREMAR, Indiana (DP) — Citing a “vast weather conspiracy”, as evidenced by the dual attacks of thunderstorms and tornadoes and the release of “The Day After Tomorrow” on Memorial Day weekend, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge today announced a “war on God”.

“There is no doubt that these storms were ‘Acts of God'”, Ridge said. “The Homeland Security Department has determined that God is determined to strike again in the U.S. — and possibly elsewhere in the world — most likely before the elections this fall. We intend to prevent those attacks wherever possible.” Ridge did not respond to repeated questions for specifics about Homeland Security’s anti-God plans, but did say that God is suspected to have operatives “all across this country, in virtually every city and town”.

When asked why Attorney General John Ashcroft wasn’t in attendance at the press briefing, and whether he concurred in the prosecution of a new conflict, Ridge said, “He got the memo”, then abruptly ended the meeting.


I’ve always been a fan of the homage — or parody.

Listening to the bumpers between stories on NPR can often be enlightening. I just about burst out laughing when I heard the Youngblood Brass Band’s “Pastime Paradise”, a horn piece incorporating the theme of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” (I hope he doesn’t get as mad at them as he did at Wierd Al for “Amish Paradise”). You’ll hear the chorus come up about a minute in. They’re going to be in Europe most of April and May.

For the eyes, check out “Good bye, Lenin”, a rather touching yet pretty funny film about a son’s dedication to his mother. The trailer tells you pretty much what you need to know. There are a couple of Kubrick references, some Fellini, and other stuff I don’t know, I’m sure.

The Netherlands Rock!

So I’m listening to a piece on the South by Southwest music festival on NPR’s “Morning Edition” today, and they’re talking about how the Australian and Scottish governments (among others) send their bands to the festival because they see them as another potential export commodity. Then they mention that eight bands from the Netherlands are there because of the “government-funded Dutch Rock and Pop Institute”. Man, we gotta get one of those… Blog Engine Begins Service

As part of my continual self-improvement regimen, I’m working on a rudimentary PHP/MySQL-based blogging engine, of which you see the results here. Among other things, I’ll cover anything interesting I see in Director or Flash development, the book business, politics, or whatever.