Gotta Love the Hot Teens

I don’t normally examine the stuff that manages to slip through my spam filter, but something in this one caught my eye as I was deleting it. I guess whoever put it together (whatever country they’re from) ran it through a spell checker…

I am new to Internet and I am very much excited about doing my own privet shows. its free for now, b/c they say I am still an armature

So I’m guessing Julie — for that was her purported name — is some sort of artificial construct doing “shows” in some sort of hedge.

Big Man on Gaming: Brian Robbins

Brian Robbins of Fuel Industries (and once upon a time of CleverMedia) has been poking the Director/Shockwave nose under the tent of the professional gaming world for several years now, with appearances at the Game Developers Conference and participation in the International Game Developers Association.

He’s been so busy, in fact, that he didn’t make it to the Director Get-Together at GDC 2005 in March. We waved in passing from about 50 feet apart as he walked with a client down the hallway past where I was working.

And lately, I’ve let my reading pile up enough that I’ve got a big stack of magazines waiting for me to go through and recycle them because I haven’t read them. But I chanced on the back of the IGDA’s 2004 Annual Report yesterday, and a face leaped out at me from the back cover.