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»  August 27, 2011

What the...?  

I Used to Get Paid for This Kind of Work

From The Logan Times: Serving the Airport Community, in a cover article about a trip to the French Rivera written by the paper's Vice President and Executive (I reproduce this term loosely) Editor:

We left during the inception of TSA’s newly added physcological security component – a more intuitive screening of passengers as they pass by TSA officers on their way to boarding.

I liked that, too.

It is defintely the way to go. [sic all the way through -DP]

That kind of editing probably explains the prominent notice in the masthead:
The Logan Times assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements....
One can only hope that the TSA screeners are more accurate in their reading of "micro-expressions."
Sat Aug 27, 2011 01:10 -0700