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»  October 31, 2008


Pre-Election Friday Fortune

I don't know if every cookie in the Fujin had this fortune this week or not, but it's not really that kind of place:

Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday.
The lucky numbers were:
4   9   18   21   26   33
On the other hand.

It was three months and three days ago (July 28) that I got this fortune (along with two others):

Remember three months from this date, Good things are in store for you.
Since then, I've busted up my knee, I didn't get the promotion one of the other fortunes promised, and the one vacation Barbara and I had planned for her birthday got cancelled because of (natch) my little knee problem. And I've got another four weeks on crutches.

So. My advice would be, don't bet the farm on the predictions of fortune cookies.

Fri Oct 31, 2008 13:03 -0700